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Ways to support your staffs in improving their sleep – and wellbeing

Sleep is not only important for our overall energy level at work but essential for our overall health condition. Poor sleep habits can lead to blood pressure problems, which in turn can lead to several health issues.

Employee well-being is a complicated riddle, and sleep is a major element. And regrettably, a lot of us just can't get enough of it. Lack of sleep has an impact on the profitability, mental health, and productivity of a company.

Enhancing rest could significantly improve bottom lines and lower company risk. But how can employers support their staff in making sleep a priority and getting greater rest?

Ways Employer can support employees' Sleep

Although organizations have little control over many of the factors that affect their workers' ability to sleep, they can nevertheless take steps to promote healthier sleeping patterns and give employees the attention it deserves.

1. Natural Lighting at Workplace: If your staff share a physical workspace, try your best to ensure that there is plenty of natural light in the area. If not, consider adding blue light, which can also be beneficial. This kind of light informs the body that it is daytime and assists in maintaining the body's internal clock, which controls when people should wake up, go to work, and go to sleep.

2. Handle Stress: Keep the level of stress at work from impact. When it's time for your staff to unwind after work, you don't want that mountain of concerns to be there. Instead, take the time to routinely check in with your workers and to make sure they are aware of any developments that might bother them.

3. Encourage Time off: The impact of holidays on workers' mental health is multifaceted. They're not simply a crucial opportunity for employees to disconnect from the office, decompress, and rest their brains; they have also been proven to enhance sleep quality, with people concerning an extra hour of restful sleep after a trip.

4. Schedule Screen breaks: Time away from screens is beneficial for the eyes, the brain, and even sleep cycles. Throughout the workday, encourage your staff to take regular breaks from using screens (such as computers, tablets, and phones). Additionally, it's beneficial to make it plain that the business expects them to avoid responding to work-related messages (such as chat or email) after hours and to set an example by avoiding sending or responding to emails until far after midnight.

5. Address root causes with benefits: Sleep is impacted by habits and lifestyle. Employee perks that encourage healthy habits for both the mind and body can enhance workers' overall quality of life and, consequently, their sleep. Fitness memberships, for instance, can support employees' continued physical activity.

Business owners, supervisors and others concerned with optimizing productivity would do well to strongly encourage their workers get the rest and sleep that they need. A well-rested employee is far more productive, far less likely to experience burnout, and much less prone to workplace accidents.

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