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In a society where the workplace is all about getting things done, it’s not enough to show up on time; you need to be efficient and productive in an economy where the stress level is very high and basic amenities are a luxury. It leads to people getting burnout and creates other health issues over time. Therefore, companies need to implement and encourage wellness events that educate and rejuvenate employees outside the workplace.

I will outline three corporate wellness ideas to implement today at your workplace.

1. Create forums where employees feel comfortable talking about what's going on in their lives, whether work-related or not and offer practical solutions. This should be with an independent company. Let's discuss.

2. Contact the Lightbulb Business Consultants to organise a relish day for your team including retrospective activities/ games, fitness, food, drinks and entertainment, a medical practitioner from our database whose team will take blood pressures and proffer solutions will also be part of the activities alternatively find out when our next relish night is.

3. Partner with the Beacon fest team ( to participate in an upcoming hybrid event to hold in Lagos State, Nigeria. The event sees the gathering of global and local mental health professionals, dieticians, fitness gurus, medical doctors, nutritionists and entertainers in an entertaining exhibition to teach and proffer practical solutions to issues that affect us in the workplace as we get rejuvenated.


There are many benefits to having a wellness program in place at your company, below are a few.

1. Increased productivity

2. Decreased stress levels

3. Reduction in absenteeism

4. Healthier workplace

5. Better relationships with co-workers and management.

To find out more, please visit To implement any of the ideas above kindly contact us at Alternatively, if you are in the health care sector or mental health experts, please click to join our community click @VOLUNTEER | BEACON FEST (


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