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The happenings around the world provoke an urgency for the workforce to prioritise their well-being, creating time for fitness, rejuvenation and downtime. As they stay positive, relaxed, efficient, productive and alive.

In Africa today, we have been inundated with news of people committing suicide due to obesity, work pressure, stress, loss of income, and chronic illness.

The BEACON FEST event is a corporate wellness yearly initiative targeted at the business community to encourage/promote entrepreneurs, employees and employers alike to rejuvenate, stay fit and relax whilst they network with like minds at the biggest wellness exhibition ever created as we unite Africa using fitness. This event will see participation globally and will concentrate on

• Obesity in children and adults and solutions
• Fitness and wellness
• Nutrition/Diet
• Rejuvenation activities /Entertainment
• Business Solutions for enhanced performance and sanity for SMEs, Solo-preneurs and  Entrepreneurs.
• Tele –Medicine and the 21st century
• Financial Solutions in the 2ist century


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