Have you ever considered practicing mindfulness at work if you're constantly swamped with deadlines, phone calls, meetings, and emails? Does concentrating for a brief time help? When that's your daily routine, it can negatively influence employee health, increase presenteeism and absenteeism, reduce productivity, and harm your corporate culture. It need not be that way, though. Health can be improved by practicing mindfulness at work.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surroundings. It is simply being conscious of what is happening at the time, without trying to solve any problems. It aids in teaching your brain to concentrate rather than flitting from one issue to the next and back again.

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

In a study by the University of Massachusetts, researchers found

that daily mindfulness practice can help:

· Lower blood pressure

· Improve mood

· Promote relaxation

· Improve sleep quality

· Reduce pain

· Stimulate creativity

· Control stress hormones

How to promote mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is another tool to assist you in reaching the objectives of your wellness program if you want to boost productivity, control healthcare expenses, and promote health in your company.

· Take a five-minute meditation break: Encourage your staff to take at least five minutes daily to engage in mindfulness exercises.

· Hold a mindfulness session (in person or online).

· Provide rewards for awareness. Give your staff or participants wellness points for each completed mindfulness session.

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Health and well-being are the new frontiers and the foundation of tomorrow's prosperous businesses. No matter how big or small the business, health must be embraced in every element since achieving business success requires a healthy lifestyle and mindset. These fundamental ideas serve as the cornerstone for "Beacon Fest".

Reduced productivity, more absenteeism, a worsening work ethic, and even lower workplace safety are all symptoms of an unfavourable work environment. Knowing full well that the average adult spends a third of their life working, making it an integral part of our existence as individuals and as a people, the WHO proposes that "a healthy workplace is one in which workers and managers collaborate to use a continual improvement process to protect and promote the health, safety and well-being of all workers and the sustainability of the workplace."

The traits and personalities of the people living in that area or integrated into the system are influenced by culture, which can be both tangible and intangible. To reap the benefits of healthy living and well-being, primarily as it affects the bottom line, a business must ingrain and enshrine a wellness culture into its DNA.

People will work harder, be more committed, and function as a team more effectively when they recognise the urgent need to adopt a healthy culture and shared responsibility. An organisation can minimise mechanical and structural issues while boosting culture and profitability if its total wellness is assessed and managed holistically. Well-run, high-performing businesses care about their employees. However, individuals must also exercise the personal responsibility necessary to take advantage of the safeguards set in place by the organisation for their wellness.

Some simple steps can be performed to ensure swift victories, such as exercise and mobility opportunities. Include many options for your staff to move and exercise throughout the day. This may be a 10-minute rope jump during a scheduled motivational break or a power walk while team meetings discuss initiatives. Include anything that gets your team moving because inactivity is frequently linked to a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, a loss of mobility, and weakened immune systems.

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted many international company operations, and many workers are now obliged to work remotely. This has affected employee wellness and well-being and hurt our mental health. To protect and maintain positive mental health states, employers must promote openness about the need for mental health support through facilitating enlightenment sessions and fostering talks.

Effective workplace wellness practices boost output and result in significant cost savings for the company. Never forget that a happy and healthy person performs better at work. Get your wellness on by signing up for Beacon Fest today. Allow us to keep you healthy.

Please visit www.thebeaconfest.com to learn more. Please email us at Sales@lightbulbbusinessconsulting.com if you want to put any of the above ideas into practice. Alternately, if you work in the medical field or are an authority on mental health, kindly click to join our community. VOLUNTEER | BEACON FEST by clicking (thebeaconfest.com).

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In a society where the workplace is all about getting things done, it’s not enough to show up on time; you need to be efficient and productive in an economy where the stress level is very high and basic amenities are a luxury. It leads to people getting burnout and creates other health issues over time. Therefore, companies need to implement and encourage wellness events that educate and rejuvenate employees outside the workplace.

I will outline three corporate wellness ideas to implement today at your workplace.

1. Create forums where employees feel comfortable talking about what's going on in their lives, whether work-related or not and offer practical solutions. This should be with an independent company. Let's discuss.

2. Contact the Lightbulb Business Consultants to organise a relish day for your team including retrospective activities/ games, fitness, food, drinks and entertainment, a medical practitioner from our database whose team will take blood pressures and proffer solutions will also be part of the activities alternatively find out when our next relish night is.

3. Partner with the Beacon fest team (www.thebeaconfest.com) to participate in an upcoming hybrid event to hold in Lagos State, Nigeria. The event sees the gathering of global and local mental health professionals, dieticians, fitness gurus, medical doctors, nutritionists and entertainers in an entertaining exhibition to teach and proffer practical solutions to issues that affect us in the workplace as we get rejuvenated.


There are many benefits to having a wellness program in place at your company, below are a few.

1. Increased productivity

2. Decreased stress levels

3. Reduction in absenteeism

4. Healthier workplace

5. Better relationships with co-workers and management.

To find out more, please visit www.thebeaconfest.com. To implement any of the ideas above kindly contact us at Sales@lightbulbbusinessconsulting.com. Alternatively, if you are in the health care sector or mental health experts, please click to join our community click @VOLUNTEER | BEACON FEST (thebeaconfest.com)

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